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X-ray Micro Tomography (Micro-CT) is a state of the art method for non-destructive testing and analysis. Established fields of application include: Microtomography is based on the same concept as the well known medical diagnostic method of Computed Tomography (CT). First, X-ray transmission images of the object of interest are taken from a large number of angles. From this data, a computer program determines the detailed three-dimensional shape of the object, of the inside as well as the outside. Different materials can be discerned by their X-ray absorption characteristics.

> Software

speCTive COBRA is a powerful, easy-to-use, integrated toolbox for tomographic reconstruction, based on a state-of-the-art iterative algorithm.

Just load your data from a large number of supported file formats; comfortably inspect and, if necessary, process your data with instant preview; enter your system geometry; start a reconstruction at your desired resolution, and observe the volume reconstruction as it happens.

You can get from raw detector data to a finished volume in minutes, depending on your CPU speed and desired volume size.

Interested in getting more information or a free evaluation version of speCTive COBRA?

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